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Alan knows he can’t change the world, so why bother trying? After all, what difference can just one person make? 

Help Alan learn the error of his ways on the adventure of a lifetime as 3 curious visitors show him exactly how he CAN make a difference... and how YOU can TOO!

Hop aboard for this thrilling hour long interactive drama show where audience members will explore how they affect the environment and how the environment affects them. 

Learning Outcomes

*    The importance of looking after the environment

*    Why and how to recycle 

*    The three R's - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

*    Energy efficiency

*    Learning English in a fun and creative way

What you get

*    A 1 Hour live interractive performance (Suitable 

      for audiences of 20 right up to 1,000)

*    Optional Pre and Post Show workshops

*    FREE E-Workbook for continued supplementary 


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