Professional Development

Every student learns differently so why not add some drama into your lessons to make them more engaging. Our professional teacher development is a great way to improve your staff’s awareness of the power of drama as an educational tool.

Our Training Sessions 

Our Teacher Training workshops are split into 4 sessions

1)    Exciting your students through drama
              Learn effective games/exercises for getting your students enthusiastic and
              wanting to learn.

2)    Enhancing confidence and creativity
              We will show you how to use drama to get your students thinking in new
              ways whilst also having the confidence to speak up and communicate

3)    Effective dramatic techniques for behaviour management
              Maybe your students are too energetic after lunchtime and need
              focusing. Perhaps it’s the end of the day and they need to wake up a
              little. We’ll show you ways to spot disruptive behaviour and techniques
              that combat it.

4)    Hints and tips for directing school plays/drama competitions
              The final session will concentrate on how to direct your school play. We
              will cover how to plan a rehearsal schedule, how to communicate clearly
              and effectively with your students so they do exactly what you need
              them to.

*    Please note - all our teacher training workshops are highly interactive. We believe the best way to learn is by doing. Therefore there is a danger of our training being incredible fun. Hand-outs will also be supplied covering all the topics (but not until the end :) )